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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Herbs of the day – Parsley – Sebagai gantian ‘resipi hari ini’

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to fren-fren out there…

Herbs in Webster’s new world dictionary is any seed plant whose stems withers away annually, use as medicine, seasoning, etc.

Herbs in Chef’s guide to nyaman cooking (haha, this book definitely don’t exist, I just made it up) is seeds, plant, bushes or leaves that are highly nutritious and highly flavored to enrich your dishes.

There are many uses of herbs generally, famously used as medicine. In cooking, Chefs use herbs as modifying flavors of their creation dishes, some use it as garnish. (note that most chefs doesn’t really bother about their nutritious fact as long as the food taste good and unique, good enough).

This time I’ll be talking about ‘Parsley’, as one of my most favorite herbs for marinating, saucing, stocking, flavoring and garnishing. Parsley was originated in Mediterranean area and was believed from Spain and Portugal but now is planted in many country, in Brunei adakah?, probably, but I don’t think so.

Vernacular name : Parsley

Botanical name : Petroselinum Crispum (miller) Nyman Ex a.w. Hill (antah apakah nie..)

Family : Umbelliferae (Ammiaceae)

Nutrition content
: 9% water, 41% carbohydrate, 22% protein, 4% fat, 10% fiber, folic acid, glucose, mineral, essence oil, pro-vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.


English Parsley, available in local market (peringatan : nada bejual di kadai kaling but I never try di tamu, adakah?)

Uses on food:
Roots: Used as vegetable.
Leaf: Used as garnish, flavoring and seasoning. Also used as salad for appetizer.

Uses for health and healing:
Infusion of the fruits and roots are used for hair and scalp to remove parasite and as mouthwash for bad breath. Through research, parsley can prevent chemical activity that caused cancer.

Other uses:
Essence oil from fruits is used in perfume industries and tobacco as flavor.

Lost in the jungle…

A ‘dara’ tropical rainforest in an Island named “The Square Island” – I got lost in this jungle like thousands time triyng to find parsley tree that I want to use for marinating my Lamb Rack… - pics taken by Helicopter. haha… nadawah, parsley anitah bakal kana chop oleh our chefs and kana makan by our guest ;)

And then…

Fine chopping parsley is my job in the kitchen, I could just do the “chopping’ job for hours and get my tangan sangal… Guess tangan sapa ni nah? Tangan Chef Jimmy, Chef Mahdy, Chef Nana, Chef Wanul or tangan Si Gayboy steward… sapa dapat teka ku hadiahkan sebuah chopping board yang terpakai… ;)

I think that’s enough for me by the title Herbs of the day… next time lagi dengan herba yang lain. Just saying that I m a herbs freak Chef… love herbs a lots…

And lastly… mau jua memasukkan gambar lain…

Our kitchen during “parsley lesson”. Chef Nash bermukakan sebundle parsley… in the pics, Chef Mahdy, Chef Jimmy (Congrats to him, he got his first new born baby boy today n on his paternity leave to play with his new boy…) Chef Paulo, di blakang sekali sambil mengunyah-ngunyah parsley, mcm org tua makan sirih, haha. Ira, our sweetheart trainee, memigang bottle juice parsley… haha… Jan marah guys…

Ada lagi tu...

Beramai-ramai menyanyikan lagu “parsley ku, parsley mu jua” dengan di iringi oleh pemain piano yang di undang dari Negara seberang, Wak Jimmiono… haha, in the pics Chef Tini from CR inda mau rugi ikut bergambar sambil menyanyi pas atu menari tia lagi dengan mengunakan pohon parsley sebagai pom-pom… lol

The end tia… yang banarnya, I got nothing to post, ndakan kan becakap pasal food saja, time kajadah becakap pasal food, balik home kan becakap pasal food jua, lapar sja parut... so since esok ku offday, tidur ahir lah tu jawapannya mlm ani..

Lastly, I hope you guys enjoy my parsley story…

Note: facts taken from buku ‘Terapi Alam “Rempah-ratus” khasiat makanan & ubatan – by Ong Hean Chooi (versi melayu)’

Regards, Chef Nash


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Spaghettini – First time ever with all Bruneian Staff…

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to kawan-kawan out there…

Today, 24th April 2009 for the first time ever, the Spaghettini Restaurant was operated by all local, its makes us proud of ourself. That day was just like any other day the restaurant operates, only short of kitchen staff (the sous Chef was RDO and one of our chef MC, the other 3, off and leave) The Sous Chef, Chef Wanul who is in command was off on that day and our orang putih manager Mr. Alex was having his RDO, leaving the service staff, lead by Aishah and Tuty handling our guest.

The kitchen side, even we were shorts of staff but we remain cool as ice, though things was a bit rushed to finish up our preps but we made it till service. Chef Nash and Chef Jimmy leading the kitchen and take control of everything (Chef Jimmy even made some Pizzas for our visitors during preps time). The Pizza girl Chef Nana and larder master Chef Hjh Jusnani go in and out, up and down just to make sure everything was ok and comes to service, we satisfied with what we’ve done.

By the end of the night we told the world that we can run Brunei’s Ultimate Fine Dining Restaurant without any foreign staff support. Kami dengan bangganya saying “Italian Restaurant was operated by Bruneians” Wah… cool jua tu… ;)

The Spag’s Team

The All local team – service staff from left Fau, Tuty, Izzati, Shidah, Daud, Tetty, and Aishah. Kitchen staff from left – Chef Hjh Jusnani, Chef Jimmy (behind), Chef Nana and Chef Nash… mengambil gambar untuk ‘Brunei’s got talent’… haha (pics quality nda berapa, sorry)

Spaghettini Restaurant was never run by all local and probably never will be, what a co-incident that on that day it happened. 4 Chefs, 7 service staff and 1 steward.

Guys, keep up the good work ok…

Regards, Chef Nash


Friday, 24 April 2009

Chefs at Work – Demonstration part 1

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to my friend out there…

Working as a chef you would probably be prepare to do a lot of demonstration to staffs and shows off your skilled and knowledge and this is one good way for your career development as a chef because this is how you will do the best you can and not to make any mistake. It is fun most of the time, and getting feed backs is how you will improve.

I would basically say, chefs are a big ‘show off’ but then you should understand that it is part of what you do… that is to get to be called ‘Chef’.

Chef Hjh Jusnani showing off her skilled, “mula-mula simpan kek atas pingan dah atu ampai pingan dlm kek pas atu ampai kek sma pinggan atu dlm lilin… eh! Apakan… ” (haha… Jah cool demo ah, like it a lot, si Naz sampai gilat-gilat jari kali ah, yang lain talan aing liur sja…)

Barisan penyanyi yang di undang dari Kampung Awat-awat untuk menyanyi lagu nashid yang di ketuai oleh Tuty (2nd right) kenampakan si Aishah sedang begayut lam tipun, pun ikut jua menyanyi… The best part is, lapas dorang liat demo atu, apa lagi makan tia… haha, nadawah, actually Chef Hjh decorating a birthday cake for one of our guest celebrating her birthday in our restaurant, yang lain talan aing liur aje…

Warming up for Foodie Blogger Challenge on the 26th April 2009.

One of our 5 dishes that will be presented by our Chefs…

Sorry, Pics quality nda berapa salnya, si Awang Mahdy, nda ngantar gambar… and this was my only shot :)

Chicken Ala Piccata with Lada Merah Couli (improved version)
Pan fried thin sliced Chicken Breast coated with Parmesan Cheese Egg, served with Tomato rice and Lada Merah Couli, garnish with leaked fresh tomato.

The other four dishes, hmmm… you’ll have to come to Pablo’s on the 26th to find out.... they’re coming soon…

Regards, Chef Nash


Monday, 20 April 2009

Resipi Hari Ini – Ginseng Dory Udon

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to all my friend out there…

Ginseng has been rated as the top of ‘the three treasures in Northeast China’. It was mentioned in many of Chinese ancient medical books as the superlative medicine and was discovered by two brothers named AhChien and AhSieng in the rich organic soil in the deep forest of Chiangbai Mountain, Northeast China, some 5000 years ago. Follow the tales of how the two brothers discovered the magical ‘Ginseng’ click here.

If you have read the tales from the link above, you should be understand that today is the 5000th anniversary Ginseng was discovered and with the collaboration of the anniversary I am sharing one of my favorite recipe that is “Ginseng Dory Udon”.

This recipe has a unique combination of American style, Japanese and definitely Chinese. The use of udon in this dish is a perfect combination and the sauce is just terrific that making this dish an exotic dish for Japanese food lover out there.

Ginseng Dory Udon

Serving 4 portion

2 Dory fillet (sliced 2 inches)
1 packet Udon noodle
300 ml fish stock
½ nos carrot
½ nos onion
1 nos shallot
4 tbsp corn oil
70 gm chinese cabbage
70 gms spring onion
4 nos shitake mushroom
100 gms fresh ginseng
1 tsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp worchestershire sauce
3 tbsp butter
Salt and pepper


  1. Boiled carrot, onion, shallot, Chinese cabbage, spring onion, shitake mushroom, Ginseng and fish stock in a pot.
  2. Put in soy sauce, worchestershire sauce and tomato paste, stir.
  3. Low fire and simmer for about 20 minute, strain soup and put back in a new pot and reduce until sauce thickened.
  4. At the same time, heat pan and put in corn oil, season Dory and pan fried to light brown colour each side and cooked.
  5. Take Ginseng access from the soup, peeled and cut julienne and pan fried to golden brown colour and put aside.
  6. Boiled water in another pot for the noodle, put adequate salt amount in the water and butter. Cook Udon to al-dente.
  7. Strain noodle and place on plate. Place the cooked Dory on top of the noodle and poured the sauce on the fish.
  8. Garnish with fried julienne Ginseng and sliced spring onion.

Fresh Ginseng

You can find fresh Ginseng like this in supermarket.

Fresh Ginseng is also the best medicine for facial treatment, it can soften and refresh skin. Take 10gm Ginseng and boiled with 500 ml water, boiled for 30 minute and cool down to warm. Dip a clean towel in the warm Ginseng water and cover your face with it for 15 minute. For Sexual ability treatment, make a habit of drinking Ginseng as replacement of tea or coffee every morning. This doesn’t only apply for sexual caused but also to boost up your energy for the whole day.

Last but not least, say “ChienSieng” to the world and live a healthy live… Ciao!!

P/s : Click to read how Ginseng was discovered 5000 years ago

Chef Nash


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Food Hygiene – Bacteria bin Kumanmikro

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to kawan-kawan semua…

Bacteria in webster’s new world dictionary is microorganisms which have no chlorophyll and multiply by simple division, some bacteria cause diseases but others are necessary for fermentation.

Usually, we can’t see bacteria but you’ll definitely understand if somebody get food poisoning, that most probably caused by bacteria in the food they ate. This is because bacteria are a living tiny organism in food and become harmful in our body system. Facts said there are two kinds of bacteria which concerns chefs or food handlers, that is :

· helpful bacteria, this kind of bacteria assist in the manufacture items like cheese and yogurt.

· harmful bacteria, which is mostly results from cross-contamination, wrong storage temperature, a badly ventilated kitchen and unhygiene personnel.

Basically bacteria can’t move on their own, it is usually carried by:

· hands
· coughs and sneezes
· unclean equipment, utensils and work surfaces
· air and water
· insects
· poor waste disposal

There are three types of bacteria found in the food industries, that is:

  1. Salmonella is usually found in poultry, meats, eggs, raw foods and shellfish.
  2. Staphyloccus aureus (pronoun as stapailokus eurius) causes food poisoning due to poison produced in the food by food handler, from cuts, sores, sneezes or cough. Avoiding it by handle food as less as possible and wash your hand after using toilet.
  3. Clostridium perfringens are a type of bacteria that are liable to survive light cooking, therefore foods need to be cooked thoroughly.

Bacteria growth by splitting in half and under favourable conditions for growth can double in numbers every 20 minutes so that, in about six hours, one million could be produced from one single bacterium. (wah.. banyak tu, but only if you can see it, you’ll be scared). Favourable conditions for growth are warmth, moisture and time. Bacteria grows between 8’C and 63’C (this is what we called the ‘danger zone’).

Bacteria cannot be killed but we can prevent it from spreading by:

  • Complying with rules of hygiene.
  • Always keep food under right temperature.
  • Ensuring high standard of cleanliness for yourself and equipment.
  • Ensure that food is obtained from reliable sources.
  • Wash raw fruits and vegetables before use.
  • Using separate equipment and knives for cooked and uncooked food.
  • Protection of foods from vermin and insects

Wrong – blue chopping board is for raw seafood only – Adeh! tangan sapakan nie? mun ada kitchen inspection wah ni abis eh… tutup cha Spag ah… memang tangan si Denise nie, mun nda si Mahdi or c Jimmy, tangan sapa nah? sapa dapat jawab ku bagi casserole sebiji… haha

Using of colour coded chopping board is one of our effort to avoid cross contamination but in some places, chefs doesn’t really care about it, most chefs use one chopping board for everything, like meat, seafood, vegs bread and etc. Some chefs would take effort to sanitize their chopping board everytime after use for each item.

This is where a fault kitchen management effects, such regulations must be implemented and to make sure everyone in the working area understood and obeyed.

Colour coded chopping board:

Red = raw meat
yellow = cooked meat
blue = fish
green = fruit and salad
white = dairy/bakery
brown = vegetables

Always keep your kitchen clean, sweep anything that is on the floor or even mop – Chef Nash, menyapu dengan mengunakan penyapu bertaraf lima bintang nya yang di gelar ‘Nimbus 2009 – The kalatmata edition’.

Food hygiene is everyone’s responsibilities either you are cooking in a restaurant, home, canteen, or gaerai-gerai makan, the need to understand food hygiene is not only for your own good but for others too, so no one would get food poisoning.

Sampai jumpa lagi, Ciao!!

Chef Nash


Thursday, 16 April 2009

Chef at work – Flame is like the heat of our laughter… laugh ada heat kan?, antam tia...

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to kawan-kawan out there…

Working in the kitchen you’ll have to talk about food all the time, no other things to be said apart from food, food and food. Most common conversation among chefs is ingredient, preps, temperature, job role, and other things that concerns food and kitchen. Basically, the need to focus on food is extremely important, so that, no one would die after spoiled food or food poisoning and off course to avoid guest complain. Agree or not, that’s the fact of working as Chefs.

Really? now that’s what I called bullcrap and definitely boring!! That never happened in our kitchen, I would say that we talk about food 25% off our 9 hours working time, the other 75% is what we called enjoying what we do, talk about craps (eg, the ladies wud talk about make up, lipstick, miniskirt… tia karang and guys wud talk about fussball, carsball, girl’s ball and meatball.. haha), gossiping, jokes and etc while prepping and laugh sampai pacah parut.. haha.

If we work that hard we should be getting better pay (I guess everyone agreed to this) but then sometimes we still be working like robot, extra unpaid hours, supporting other outlet, making unnecessary preps (which in the end will be thrown) and etc etc.. But since we love what we do, though how stressful things would turn out, laughter will come in the end.

Sometimes it make me believe that the terms “don’t work hard but work smart” is non practical in chefs world but hey “are you doing your hard working the smart way?”, for me the solution to this is, get yourself organized and manage your time well, that’s how working smart should be.

Chef does hard works all the time and the only things pays that off is for sure the satisfaction from your guests after eating your food.

I believe that, there are a lot of local good chefs out there and if you are one of them, please feel free to contact me at, lets just say we’ll grow together and make local chefs scene, you think we can? Sure we will.

The hard working chef (contoh aje but no doubt these are among the best chefs in The Empire, they are like stars in the sky…).

Chef Jimmy and Chef Nash – we suppose to have a pasta machine but since we don’t have, we cut our tagliatelle manually, hard working or not? But then its our job… loving it.

Chef Ajoy – plating antipaste for set menu, working alone? Tia karang… ;) sorry bro, I gotta put yur pics in… haha

The Dressing master – Chef Hjh Jusnani a.k.a budak jahat lau ada setannya… haha Yoo… no one will remember that yur nick was Hang Kumis… lol

The Lasagne master – Chef Nash a.k.a the ‘wannabe’ Chef… haha but this is me, I don’t do much cooking but I do a lots of craps n crabs and get the flame cool like ice… mcm banar!

The Empire chocolate sweetheart – Chef Mera and Chef Tini, giving their expert in my section… not really, they’re the 2 of our regular visitor at Spag, the kitchen would smell like flower when they’re around… (if you buy chocolate in The Empire, its come from their hand… sweet rite? That’s why they are both my sweetheart… I love chocolate and ___)

Chef Fairuz - the dessert master making sure choc towernya inda collapse...

The Pizza Player – Chef Mahdi and Chef Jimmy, Chef Jimmy goes around in many section in Spag, the next time ya jadi waiter lagi pas atu jadi Barman, kalahkan si Naz… and Chef Mahdi, the new boy in Spag, still learning but he is getting there… liatlah sapa ngajar iya yo… haha

Chef in training - Athirah, our next sweetheart... How was the Spaghetti abg buat tuk Ira ah?? kurang padas kali...

The game that we play, we cant be serious all the time rite??

We work hard and play even harder… Mahdi, lawa Chef’s hat mu… dimana ko bali yo?? Balikan ku satu…

The harassment – S#!7 does happened… we play gays in the kitchen, liat cha si Nash ah… suka ya memigang buah dada si Mahdi atu… haha

These pics are all example but when comes to our real world… we work very hard like stone hard, here is the things… I would appreciate, if any local Chefs out there want to share story about your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be pleasure for us to publish your story.

Not in the pics is Chef Nana, Chef Jibah, Chef Paulo, Chef Denise and Chief Nurul a.k.a Alit… (soryy guys, your pics nda me tecari, bekakas udah ku dirumah ah mencari, barang bawah tilam, bawah kerusi, bawah lemari dan bawah rumah, nda jua ku tejumpa… antam tia).

To Spag’s team, I love working with you guys… the laughter always make me smile in my sleep (haha, cana ku tau aku smile in my sleep ah?) We’ve been tru a lot for the past 12 month… some, are just memories…Chef Laini, Chef Simon, Chef Saskia, Chef Tintin, Chef Jeremy, Chef Dauz, Chef Indra, Rainbow, Chef Frianto, Chef Alex, Chef Marco who else ah… but who knows I will be next… time will give us the answer and for now, stay cool saja… I m not worrying, the fault management is killing us… but I believe in us, so who gives a s#!7 about our management… laugh to it saja…

In the end… we’re just Chefs and together we will say… “I love cooking!!”


Regards, Chef Nash a.k.a holiday is coming….


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Shots of espresso for the sleepy chef…

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to kawan-kawan semua…

Catchy title ah… hehe, “Its like this, its like that~~ ta da da.. tada.. tada.. tada.. tadada tada.. tada.. tadada.. dada.. dada bulu dadaaa… blow me a kiss.. tada dada” haha… This song is a like a never ending song, sang by our fellow chefs… Oii.. guys adangatah nyanyi lagu atu eh... biarcha bekumandang dari talipun si Gayboy wah… ;)

Ok, enuff about that, this time I m gonna talk about one kisah dongeng but true… haha, Chef and espresso, catchy ah… its like us with the song ‘blow me a kiss’ lagu ditujukan khas buat alai di CR,.. ;)

Anyway, here is the things with Chefs, without espresso I think their brain wouldn’t be working properly. Like as myself, drinking espresso wud keep my brain up by the amount of shots I take and good enough to keep me awake the whole night. I remember when I was working under Italian Chef long ago, he wud be drinking espresso all the time and u know what happened once the machine broken, he turns moody and yah… working with him, you don’t want to see him moody, it was very, very stressful so I guess I understand the situation now…

The content of my story is, how do we get espresso all the time, anytime you want? Coz we cant just take it from the machine, (takut top management nampak lah). The best way is to get it tru the BarMan (even kalau women pun kana panggil man jua lakat…) and basically there is always condition, that is a trade… ‘food for drink’. In the end, you’ll have to cook Chix piccata, steak, pasta or yang sewaktu dengan nya for the bar man… hmmm.. trade a steak for espresso? Hmmm.. mahal kali steak dari espresso ah.. But its basically worth it, as like for me if I don’t get espresso… I’ll be sleepy, hmmm… slalu ahir tidur kali ah… Yah! Yah! Yah!

BarMan Rank:
1st rank - my‘4 shots espresso latte’ made by ‘Huney Bunny’
2nd - my ‘4 shots espresso iced latte’ by Fau
3rd - my ‘2 shots espresso choc latte’ by Wana
and last in the rank (ya itu rank paling bawah, kesepuluh lah tu)
10th - my ‘black pure espresso’ by Naz

*No 4 hingga 9, di menangi oleh fridge (kes ambil canned drink, tanpa pengetahuan BarMan).

Naz, sorry, lain kali ko bagilah aku minuman selalu... ;)

Study these pics guys…

Espresso – My all time fav coffee... (kelihatan dua tangan sedang berabut untuk minum kupi ah… guess tangan sapa? Sapa dapat jawab, si Hjh belanja on Tuesday…)

Dan memperkenalkan…

Our ‘BarMan of the year’… Nama sebenar Barman a.k.a Mr. Piccata, nick name Naz.

Gambar candid… ya inda tau gambar nya bakal masuk blog, haha… Naz ada lagi gambar mu yang cali ah, nda ku brani masukkan dlm blog, krg malu ko salnya ada nampak taie idung mu juir-juir ah, cubatah lap dulu… lol


The real story - Naz is one of our best service guy, his dedication towards his duty should be an example to the rest, keep up the good work Naz... (tips untuk dapatkan kupi everyday)

Naz, sorry... ahirnya keluar jua gambar mu sal nda dapat ku delete ah, p ok jua tu... pemous jua ko tapi ko makan aiskrim ah, mcm makan pakai tangan, maritah aku plang menyuapkan... kelihatan di latar belakang, Chef Jimmy merenung glass, mencari glass apa kan di pakai untuk membuat teh tarik... haha

Dan selepas minum one shot espresso, chill cha semua chef-chef ani sambil makan spaghetti dan menyanyi lagu tada tada dada dada ‘blow me a job’ eh! salah… ‘blow me a kiss’…

Celebrating ‘BarMan of the year’, from left Naz a.k.a the taie idung menjuir, Chef Jimmy a.k.a Tada dada tiada dada, Athirah (our sweet trainee, datang kan makan spaghetti saja n kajanya cari water dispenser), Chef Hjh J a.k.a Tuesday ya belanja, Chef Wanul a.k.a The Smooth Operator and Chef Nana a.k.a Gimbaran Missy Eliot Rap Kadayan… lol, and me Chef Nash a.k.a First warning letter inda mau sain, tapi ambil gambar so me inda nampak lah… Jan marah guy... hehe ;)

Yatah kraja dorang ni, duduk atas fridge ah, udah abis clear up, duduk makan ceta2, betipun, nyanyi lagu rap dan membuat benda yang inda befeadah… cubatah dangankan steward atu memop lantai…

In the end… I love expresso… esso.. essoo… essoo.. (mcm lagu umbrella.. ella.. ella..)

Regards, Chef Nash a.k.a The Cant sleep coz of espresso si Naz…


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Chefs at werk - First Aider will pamper you...

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all kawan-kawan out there…

We have to admit that working as a Chef is one of the coolest job on earth… is it?

Admit it, that having to satisfied other people’s appetite the heat, fun, care and etc.. etc...(antah apakah yang ku critakan ani… may be next time ku buat a special topic about this.. haha)

When chefs working, the need to focus on what they do should not be a joke because they couldn’t get away from hazard in the kitchen. Playing with knife, fire, what else equipment that are dangerous if you misuse or careless. For most chefs, all those ‘danger’ is like ‘seasoning in the food they cook’, without it, the food would be tasteless and work wouldn’t be fun, its like having to play them as their toys. Its not fun to get injured but you’ll have to laugh at it coz those are the things that will remind you to be careful the next time.

In some cases, injuries will get you phobia but then you’ll have to get over it or else you’ll never be a good chef. That’s why, First Aid Kit (FAK) is very important in the kitchen (ensure that your first aid kit is useable anytime in any case).

Getting injured is cool?? Haha… well, you have to follow this good example…

One evening….

Chef Jimmy was playing with his knife, the knife was sharpened by one of his mate (that’s me… haha) and it is really sharp until he is so in love with it and brought it everywhere he go even in the toilet… haha). At one time, guess what happened? Don’t guess lah, he cut himself… (main piasu tah ko lagi, haha rasain lo…) but I didn’t get to see how it happened, all I know, I went back to the kitchen everyone nursed him…

Example of injured thumb and a first aid kit… This pic taken 6 minute after the cutting incident, its good that we always keep our FAK updated so incident like this we don’t have to call 993… eh! Yakah? Or 994 or 995? Eh! Our hotel ada clinic kali ah…

The injured Chef Jimmy, crying like a baby and the trained nurses (Nurse Betty a.k.a. Chef Hjh, Nurse AhChong a.k.a Chef Mahdy and Nurse Missy Eliot a.k.a Chef Nana… haha, jan marah guys) checking his injury… Bejait sepuluh kali ah… lol. Nadadeh… Yatah nyaku, jan main pisau nanti melukai sendiri…

Then, the story doesn’t end there… after a while the story spread fast like a jet plane and more nurse come giving their expertise.

(pic left) Nurse Rambut Kuda a.k.a Wana joined the ‘operation room’ team nurse but only to see and advice coz she is so afraid to see blood, karang pengsan ya…

(pic right) Nurse Drunken Master a.k.a Chef Denise joined the team, but only katawa-katawa coz si Nurse Rambut Kuda buat raja lawak seribu kali ganda labih cali dari dari lawak Mr. Bean… haha

As you can see, the injured man Chef Jimmy… hmmm, pampered by all the ‘trained nurses’ and the assurance was really good until they don’t remember about the injured man but having to laugh at it…

And in the end….

All thumbs up and sing… ‘la la la la yooo… yooo… yooo…. haannntaapppp niiggggaaaaa’ (nyanyian ala kadayan di ketuai oleh Nurse Missy Eliot a.k.a Chef Nana… haha dan di ikuti oleh team nurse-nurse yang lain – gambar dorang menari inda sampat di rakamkan pasal nada orang ngambil gambar… steward busy)

Above this ‘half tragic and half funny’ story, there are few cases of injury that you can’t laugh to but need to take as good lesson, coz sometimes bad things do happen or come to you, all I want to say is… be careful and think of safety first, for yourself and mateself, never never never injured yourself coz once you do, it’ll be hard for you to focus on your job and for sure what you cook wouldn’t be as nice as always…

To all Spags team… you guys solid rocks!!! Keep up the good work guys and prove to everyone that we are the best in The Empire better yet in Brunei or the world, hhmmm prasannya… to kawan-kawan out there… jan jeles… ;)


Chef Nash


Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kitchen issue - caught cooking and eating.

Working in the kitchen, you could probably understand that there are a lot of issues either work related or non work related. Work related issues are mostly about food issues, cleanliness, hygiene, bacteria and etc.. etc.. One in the kitchen can’t get rid of is for sure, cooking and eating.

In our kitchen, cooking and eating the menu’s food are forbidden and those who get caught will be punished. One example of punishment, you’ll have to read the story below…

The story starts in one fine afternoon…

With our list of preps was so short (short as like, we can finish preps in one or two hours or less, we really that fast uhh), we have plenty of time to play around and few (or may be all) of us were hungry, so, Chef Jimmy offers to cook something (special)..

Chef Jimmy in action – at background, the team from pastry and commissary, the hungry party, discussing their product to one of our Chef (or probably they just talking craps or gossiping… haha)

The food cooked by Chef Jimmy was success and its our turn to eat. After eating everyone with the full stomach continue their duty as usual prepping nothing coz there was nothing to preps already, Chef Jimmy who was the last one to eat, were caught eating by our Exac Chef… and we all know that we’re in a deep $#!T… Oh no! Chef Jimmy was called to the office and he didn’t come back to the kitchen in one hour and so, we keep waiting… and waiting…

Suddenly we the phone rang “Krinngg… Krinngg…’ I answered the phone and get the message; we were called to the office and its sad to found out that, Chef Jimmy was locked in the punishment room (the panic room)… see picture below…

The pic shows Chef Jimmy when we found him in ‘the panic room’… (hmmm… mcm orang mental disorder… haha, jan marah Jim)

And more sad, we had to join him… (Chef Jimmy mentioned our names…)

The guilty party!!, from left Chef Nash, Chef Jimmy, Chef Hjh J and Chef Nana… (kamu duduk ah, alah-alah orang kalah judi… haha)

All the four of us ware punished on that day until our services to start.
That day sets the ‘never followed rule’ that no one should be cooking and eating in the kitchen but then… it didn’t stop us from doing it coz… we couldn’t resist cooking and being hungry and start from that day, we never stop cooking for our own stomach but… more careful and aware like orang said ‘pandai makan pandai simpan…’ such a phrase.. haha.

Note : the story above are all bull$#!T, I just made it up but mind the point… most punishment you'll get is usually get to do deep cleaning or to worst, you'll get a warning letter... haha, any kitchen issue can be handle professionally by the chefs them self…

The so called ‘Panic Room’ is actually our elevator. Picture taken after working hard in the kitchen, tired lah tu konon… antah kamu, ndapun busy time atu… haha

All in all… we cant stop from having fun right?... so guys, we work hard and play even harder… today, we got compliment may be tomorrow we’ll get complain… but we will be better… and we will… Ciao!!

Regards, Chef Nash



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