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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Chef at work – Flame is like the heat of our laughter… laugh ada heat kan?, antam tia...

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to kawan-kawan out there…

Working in the kitchen you’ll have to talk about food all the time, no other things to be said apart from food, food and food. Most common conversation among chefs is ingredient, preps, temperature, job role, and other things that concerns food and kitchen. Basically, the need to focus on food is extremely important, so that, no one would die after spoiled food or food poisoning and off course to avoid guest complain. Agree or not, that’s the fact of working as Chefs.

Really? now that’s what I called bullcrap and definitely boring!! That never happened in our kitchen, I would say that we talk about food 25% off our 9 hours working time, the other 75% is what we called enjoying what we do, talk about craps (eg, the ladies wud talk about make up, lipstick, miniskirt… tia karang and guys wud talk about fussball, carsball, girl’s ball and meatball.. haha), gossiping, jokes and etc while prepping and laugh sampai pacah parut.. haha.

If we work that hard we should be getting better pay (I guess everyone agreed to this) but then sometimes we still be working like robot, extra unpaid hours, supporting other outlet, making unnecessary preps (which in the end will be thrown) and etc etc.. But since we love what we do, though how stressful things would turn out, laughter will come in the end.

Sometimes it make me believe that the terms “don’t work hard but work smart” is non practical in chefs world but hey “are you doing your hard working the smart way?”, for me the solution to this is, get yourself organized and manage your time well, that’s how working smart should be.

Chef does hard works all the time and the only things pays that off is for sure the satisfaction from your guests after eating your food.

I believe that, there are a lot of local good chefs out there and if you are one of them, please feel free to contact me at, lets just say we’ll grow together and make local chefs scene, you think we can? Sure we will.

The hard working chef (contoh aje but no doubt these are among the best chefs in The Empire, they are like stars in the sky…).

Chef Jimmy and Chef Nash – we suppose to have a pasta machine but since we don’t have, we cut our tagliatelle manually, hard working or not? But then its our job… loving it.

Chef Ajoy – plating antipaste for set menu, working alone? Tia karang… ;) sorry bro, I gotta put yur pics in… haha

The Dressing master – Chef Hjh Jusnani a.k.a budak jahat lau ada setannya… haha Yoo… no one will remember that yur nick was Hang Kumis… lol

The Lasagne master – Chef Nash a.k.a the ‘wannabe’ Chef… haha but this is me, I don’t do much cooking but I do a lots of craps n crabs and get the flame cool like ice… mcm banar!

The Empire chocolate sweetheart – Chef Mera and Chef Tini, giving their expert in my section… not really, they’re the 2 of our regular visitor at Spag, the kitchen would smell like flower when they’re around… (if you buy chocolate in The Empire, its come from their hand… sweet rite? That’s why they are both my sweetheart… I love chocolate and ___)

Chef Fairuz - the dessert master making sure choc towernya inda collapse...

The Pizza Player – Chef Mahdi and Chef Jimmy, Chef Jimmy goes around in many section in Spag, the next time ya jadi waiter lagi pas atu jadi Barman, kalahkan si Naz… and Chef Mahdi, the new boy in Spag, still learning but he is getting there… liatlah sapa ngajar iya yo… haha

Chef in training - Athirah, our next sweetheart... How was the Spaghetti abg buat tuk Ira ah?? kurang padas kali...

The game that we play, we cant be serious all the time rite??

We work hard and play even harder… Mahdi, lawa Chef’s hat mu… dimana ko bali yo?? Balikan ku satu…

The harassment – S#!7 does happened… we play gays in the kitchen, liat cha si Nash ah… suka ya memigang buah dada si Mahdi atu… haha

These pics are all example but when comes to our real world… we work very hard like stone hard, here is the things… I would appreciate, if any local Chefs out there want to share story about your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be pleasure for us to publish your story.

Not in the pics is Chef Nana, Chef Jibah, Chef Paulo, Chef Denise and Chief Nurul a.k.a Alit… (soryy guys, your pics nda me tecari, bekakas udah ku dirumah ah mencari, barang bawah tilam, bawah kerusi, bawah lemari dan bawah rumah, nda jua ku tejumpa… antam tia).

To Spag’s team, I love working with you guys… the laughter always make me smile in my sleep (haha, cana ku tau aku smile in my sleep ah?) We’ve been tru a lot for the past 12 month… some, are just memories…Chef Laini, Chef Simon, Chef Saskia, Chef Tintin, Chef Jeremy, Chef Dauz, Chef Indra, Rainbow, Chef Frianto, Chef Alex, Chef Marco who else ah… but who knows I will be next… time will give us the answer and for now, stay cool saja… I m not worrying, the fault management is killing us… but I believe in us, so who gives a s#!7 about our management… laugh to it saja…

In the end… we’re just Chefs and together we will say… “I love cooking!!”


Regards, Chef Nash a.k.a holiday is coming….


nas 18 April 2009 at 00:53  

yeah i like this article hehe one of the bst...keep up d good work all chefs...u make empire proud of having u all

p/s jimmy jan la take over bar ku hehe payah ku cari minum krg

Chef Nash 5 May 2009 at 00:18  

haha... Naz, bruku tebaca comment mu ah... mun c jimmy takeover bar mu, tepaksatah ko takeover kitchen nya tu... hahaha


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