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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Chefs at werk - First Aider will pamper you...

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all kawan-kawan out there…

We have to admit that working as a Chef is one of the coolest job on earth… is it?

Admit it, that having to satisfied other people’s appetite the heat, fun, care and etc.. etc...(antah apakah yang ku critakan ani… may be next time ku buat a special topic about this.. haha)

When chefs working, the need to focus on what they do should not be a joke because they couldn’t get away from hazard in the kitchen. Playing with knife, fire, what else equipment that are dangerous if you misuse or careless. For most chefs, all those ‘danger’ is like ‘seasoning in the food they cook’, without it, the food would be tasteless and work wouldn’t be fun, its like having to play them as their toys. Its not fun to get injured but you’ll have to laugh at it coz those are the things that will remind you to be careful the next time.

In some cases, injuries will get you phobia but then you’ll have to get over it or else you’ll never be a good chef. That’s why, First Aid Kit (FAK) is very important in the kitchen (ensure that your first aid kit is useable anytime in any case).

Getting injured is cool?? Haha… well, you have to follow this good example…

One evening….

Chef Jimmy was playing with his knife, the knife was sharpened by one of his mate (that’s me… haha) and it is really sharp until he is so in love with it and brought it everywhere he go even in the toilet… haha). At one time, guess what happened? Don’t guess lah, he cut himself… (main piasu tah ko lagi, haha rasain lo…) but I didn’t get to see how it happened, all I know, I went back to the kitchen everyone nursed him…

Example of injured thumb and a first aid kit… This pic taken 6 minute after the cutting incident, its good that we always keep our FAK updated so incident like this we don’t have to call 993… eh! Yakah? Or 994 or 995? Eh! Our hotel ada clinic kali ah…

The injured Chef Jimmy, crying like a baby and the trained nurses (Nurse Betty a.k.a. Chef Hjh, Nurse AhChong a.k.a Chef Mahdy and Nurse Missy Eliot a.k.a Chef Nana… haha, jan marah guys) checking his injury… Bejait sepuluh kali ah… lol. Nadadeh… Yatah nyaku, jan main pisau nanti melukai sendiri…

Then, the story doesn’t end there… after a while the story spread fast like a jet plane and more nurse come giving their expertise.

(pic left) Nurse Rambut Kuda a.k.a Wana joined the ‘operation room’ team nurse but only to see and advice coz she is so afraid to see blood, karang pengsan ya…

(pic right) Nurse Drunken Master a.k.a Chef Denise joined the team, but only katawa-katawa coz si Nurse Rambut Kuda buat raja lawak seribu kali ganda labih cali dari dari lawak Mr. Bean… haha

As you can see, the injured man Chef Jimmy… hmmm, pampered by all the ‘trained nurses’ and the assurance was really good until they don’t remember about the injured man but having to laugh at it…

And in the end….

All thumbs up and sing… ‘la la la la yooo… yooo… yooo…. haannntaapppp niiggggaaaaa’ (nyanyian ala kadayan di ketuai oleh Nurse Missy Eliot a.k.a Chef Nana… haha dan di ikuti oleh team nurse-nurse yang lain – gambar dorang menari inda sampat di rakamkan pasal nada orang ngambil gambar… steward busy)

Above this ‘half tragic and half funny’ story, there are few cases of injury that you can’t laugh to but need to take as good lesson, coz sometimes bad things do happen or come to you, all I want to say is… be careful and think of safety first, for yourself and mateself, never never never injured yourself coz once you do, it’ll be hard for you to focus on your job and for sure what you cook wouldn’t be as nice as always…

To all Spags team… you guys solid rocks!!! Keep up the good work guys and prove to everyone that we are the best in The Empire better yet in Brunei or the world, hhmmm prasannya… to kawan-kawan out there… jan jeles… ;)


Chef Nash


nas 11 April 2009 at 07:39  

cool stuffs nash hehe enjoyed reading it...atu bnyk darah hehe

kata2 nasihat-jan main pisau mi hehe


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