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Friday, 24 April 2009

Chefs at Work – Demonstration part 1

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to my friend out there…

Working as a chef you would probably be prepare to do a lot of demonstration to staffs and shows off your skilled and knowledge and this is one good way for your career development as a chef because this is how you will do the best you can and not to make any mistake. It is fun most of the time, and getting feed backs is how you will improve.

I would basically say, chefs are a big ‘show off’ but then you should understand that it is part of what you do… that is to get to be called ‘Chef’.

Chef Hjh Jusnani showing off her skilled, “mula-mula simpan kek atas pingan dah atu ampai pingan dlm kek pas atu ampai kek sma pinggan atu dlm lilin… eh! Apakan… ” (haha… Jah cool demo ah, like it a lot, si Naz sampai gilat-gilat jari kali ah, yang lain talan aing liur sja…)

Barisan penyanyi yang di undang dari Kampung Awat-awat untuk menyanyi lagu nashid yang di ketuai oleh Tuty (2nd right) kenampakan si Aishah sedang begayut lam tipun, pun ikut jua menyanyi… The best part is, lapas dorang liat demo atu, apa lagi makan tia… haha, nadawah, actually Chef Hjh decorating a birthday cake for one of our guest celebrating her birthday in our restaurant, yang lain talan aing liur aje…

Warming up for Foodie Blogger Challenge on the 26th April 2009.

One of our 5 dishes that will be presented by our Chefs…

Sorry, Pics quality nda berapa salnya, si Awang Mahdy, nda ngantar gambar… and this was my only shot :)

Chicken Ala Piccata with Lada Merah Couli (improved version)
Pan fried thin sliced Chicken Breast coated with Parmesan Cheese Egg, served with Tomato rice and Lada Merah Couli, garnish with leaked fresh tomato.

The other four dishes, hmmm… you’ll have to come to Pablo’s on the 26th to find out.... they’re coming soon…

Regards, Chef Nash



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