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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Herbs of the day – Parsley – Sebagai gantian ‘resipi hari ini’

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to fren-fren out there…

Herbs in Webster’s new world dictionary is any seed plant whose stems withers away annually, use as medicine, seasoning, etc.

Herbs in Chef’s guide to nyaman cooking (haha, this book definitely don’t exist, I just made it up) is seeds, plant, bushes or leaves that are highly nutritious and highly flavored to enrich your dishes.

There are many uses of herbs generally, famously used as medicine. In cooking, Chefs use herbs as modifying flavors of their creation dishes, some use it as garnish. (note that most chefs doesn’t really bother about their nutritious fact as long as the food taste good and unique, good enough).

This time I’ll be talking about ‘Parsley’, as one of my most favorite herbs for marinating, saucing, stocking, flavoring and garnishing. Parsley was originated in Mediterranean area and was believed from Spain and Portugal but now is planted in many country, in Brunei adakah?, probably, but I don’t think so.

Vernacular name : Parsley

Botanical name : Petroselinum Crispum (miller) Nyman Ex a.w. Hill (antah apakah nie..)

Family : Umbelliferae (Ammiaceae)

Nutrition content
: 9% water, 41% carbohydrate, 22% protein, 4% fat, 10% fiber, folic acid, glucose, mineral, essence oil, pro-vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.


English Parsley, available in local market (peringatan : nada bejual di kadai kaling but I never try di tamu, adakah?)

Uses on food:
Roots: Used as vegetable.
Leaf: Used as garnish, flavoring and seasoning. Also used as salad for appetizer.

Uses for health and healing:
Infusion of the fruits and roots are used for hair and scalp to remove parasite and as mouthwash for bad breath. Through research, parsley can prevent chemical activity that caused cancer.

Other uses:
Essence oil from fruits is used in perfume industries and tobacco as flavor.

Lost in the jungle…

A ‘dara’ tropical rainforest in an Island named “The Square Island” – I got lost in this jungle like thousands time triyng to find parsley tree that I want to use for marinating my Lamb Rack… - pics taken by Helicopter. haha… nadawah, parsley anitah bakal kana chop oleh our chefs and kana makan by our guest ;)

And then…

Fine chopping parsley is my job in the kitchen, I could just do the “chopping’ job for hours and get my tangan sangal… Guess tangan sapa ni nah? Tangan Chef Jimmy, Chef Mahdy, Chef Nana, Chef Wanul or tangan Si Gayboy steward… sapa dapat teka ku hadiahkan sebuah chopping board yang terpakai… ;)

I think that’s enough for me by the title Herbs of the day… next time lagi dengan herba yang lain. Just saying that I m a herbs freak Chef… love herbs a lots…

And lastly… mau jua memasukkan gambar lain…

Our kitchen during “parsley lesson”. Chef Nash bermukakan sebundle parsley… in the pics, Chef Mahdy, Chef Jimmy (Congrats to him, he got his first new born baby boy today n on his paternity leave to play with his new boy…) Chef Paulo, di blakang sekali sambil mengunyah-ngunyah parsley, mcm org tua makan sirih, haha. Ira, our sweetheart trainee, memigang bottle juice parsley… haha… Jan marah guys…

Ada lagi tu...

Beramai-ramai menyanyikan lagu “parsley ku, parsley mu jua” dengan di iringi oleh pemain piano yang di undang dari Negara seberang, Wak Jimmiono… haha, in the pics Chef Tini from CR inda mau rugi ikut bergambar sambil menyanyi pas atu menari tia lagi dengan mengunakan pohon parsley sebagai pom-pom… lol

The end tia… yang banarnya, I got nothing to post, ndakan kan becakap pasal food saja, time kajadah becakap pasal food, balik home kan becakap pasal food jua, lapar sja parut... so since esok ku offday, tidur ahir lah tu jawapannya mlm ani..

Lastly, I hope you guys enjoy my parsley story…

Note: facts taken from buku ‘Terapi Alam “Rempah-ratus” khasiat makanan & ubatan – by Ong Hean Chooi (versi melayu)’

Regards, Chef Nash



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