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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kitchen issue - caught cooking and eating.

Working in the kitchen, you could probably understand that there are a lot of issues either work related or non work related. Work related issues are mostly about food issues, cleanliness, hygiene, bacteria and etc.. etc.. One in the kitchen can’t get rid of is for sure, cooking and eating.

In our kitchen, cooking and eating the menu’s food are forbidden and those who get caught will be punished. One example of punishment, you’ll have to read the story below…

The story starts in one fine afternoon…

With our list of preps was so short (short as like, we can finish preps in one or two hours or less, we really that fast uhh), we have plenty of time to play around and few (or may be all) of us were hungry, so, Chef Jimmy offers to cook something (special)..

Chef Jimmy in action – at background, the team from pastry and commissary, the hungry party, discussing their product to one of our Chef (or probably they just talking craps or gossiping… haha)

The food cooked by Chef Jimmy was success and its our turn to eat. After eating everyone with the full stomach continue their duty as usual prepping nothing coz there was nothing to preps already, Chef Jimmy who was the last one to eat, were caught eating by our Exac Chef… and we all know that we’re in a deep $#!T… Oh no! Chef Jimmy was called to the office and he didn’t come back to the kitchen in one hour and so, we keep waiting… and waiting…

Suddenly we the phone rang “Krinngg… Krinngg…’ I answered the phone and get the message; we were called to the office and its sad to found out that, Chef Jimmy was locked in the punishment room (the panic room)… see picture below…

The pic shows Chef Jimmy when we found him in ‘the panic room’… (hmmm… mcm orang mental disorder… haha, jan marah Jim)

And more sad, we had to join him… (Chef Jimmy mentioned our names…)

The guilty party!!, from left Chef Nash, Chef Jimmy, Chef Hjh J and Chef Nana… (kamu duduk ah, alah-alah orang kalah judi… haha)

All the four of us ware punished on that day until our services to start.
That day sets the ‘never followed rule’ that no one should be cooking and eating in the kitchen but then… it didn’t stop us from doing it coz… we couldn’t resist cooking and being hungry and start from that day, we never stop cooking for our own stomach but… more careful and aware like orang said ‘pandai makan pandai simpan…’ such a phrase.. haha.

Note : the story above are all bull$#!T, I just made it up but mind the point… most punishment you'll get is usually get to do deep cleaning or to worst, you'll get a warning letter... haha, any kitchen issue can be handle professionally by the chefs them self…

The so called ‘Panic Room’ is actually our elevator. Picture taken after working hard in the kitchen, tired lah tu konon… antah kamu, ndapun busy time atu… haha

All in all… we cant stop from having fun right?... so guys, we work hard and play even harder… today, we got compliment may be tomorrow we’ll get complain… but we will be better… and we will… Ciao!!

Regards, Chef Nash


Chef Nash 6 April 2009 at 01:16  

haha... Naz, kitchen issues covers a lot, either work related, non work related, personal, non personal, kitchen politic, bullymic dan sebagainya, banyak lagi kali ah... but also, its the fun of taking pressure pas atu mental... haha

nas 7 April 2009 at 01:24  

oic hehe wow byk ja ah hehe lawa nash...ada balance...sumtime serious n sumtime jocking in ur blog...fill it with colours...keep up d good work ;)


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