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Monday, 20 April 2009

Resipi Hari Ini – Ginseng Dory Udon

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to all my friend out there…

Ginseng has been rated as the top of ‘the three treasures in Northeast China’. It was mentioned in many of Chinese ancient medical books as the superlative medicine and was discovered by two brothers named AhChien and AhSieng in the rich organic soil in the deep forest of Chiangbai Mountain, Northeast China, some 5000 years ago. Follow the tales of how the two brothers discovered the magical ‘Ginseng’ click here.

If you have read the tales from the link above, you should be understand that today is the 5000th anniversary Ginseng was discovered and with the collaboration of the anniversary I am sharing one of my favorite recipe that is “Ginseng Dory Udon”.

This recipe has a unique combination of American style, Japanese and definitely Chinese. The use of udon in this dish is a perfect combination and the sauce is just terrific that making this dish an exotic dish for Japanese food lover out there.

Ginseng Dory Udon

Serving 4 portion

2 Dory fillet (sliced 2 inches)
1 packet Udon noodle
300 ml fish stock
½ nos carrot
½ nos onion
1 nos shallot
4 tbsp corn oil
70 gm chinese cabbage
70 gms spring onion
4 nos shitake mushroom
100 gms fresh ginseng
1 tsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp worchestershire sauce
3 tbsp butter
Salt and pepper


  1. Boiled carrot, onion, shallot, Chinese cabbage, spring onion, shitake mushroom, Ginseng and fish stock in a pot.
  2. Put in soy sauce, worchestershire sauce and tomato paste, stir.
  3. Low fire and simmer for about 20 minute, strain soup and put back in a new pot and reduce until sauce thickened.
  4. At the same time, heat pan and put in corn oil, season Dory and pan fried to light brown colour each side and cooked.
  5. Take Ginseng access from the soup, peeled and cut julienne and pan fried to golden brown colour and put aside.
  6. Boiled water in another pot for the noodle, put adequate salt amount in the water and butter. Cook Udon to al-dente.
  7. Strain noodle and place on plate. Place the cooked Dory on top of the noodle and poured the sauce on the fish.
  8. Garnish with fried julienne Ginseng and sliced spring onion.

Fresh Ginseng

You can find fresh Ginseng like this in supermarket.

Fresh Ginseng is also the best medicine for facial treatment, it can soften and refresh skin. Take 10gm Ginseng and boiled with 500 ml water, boiled for 30 minute and cool down to warm. Dip a clean towel in the warm Ginseng water and cover your face with it for 15 minute. For Sexual ability treatment, make a habit of drinking Ginseng as replacement of tea or coffee every morning. This doesn’t only apply for sexual caused but also to boost up your energy for the whole day.

Last but not least, say “ChienSieng” to the world and live a healthy live… Ciao!!

P/s : Click to read how Ginseng was discovered 5000 years ago

Chef Nash


Miranda 23 July 2009 at 09:01  

This looks absolutely terrific.
I learned many new things from your post.
Thank you.


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