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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Spaghettini – First time ever with all Bruneian Staff…

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to kawan-kawan out there…

Today, 24th April 2009 for the first time ever, the Spaghettini Restaurant was operated by all local, its makes us proud of ourself. That day was just like any other day the restaurant operates, only short of kitchen staff (the sous Chef was RDO and one of our chef MC, the other 3, off and leave) The Sous Chef, Chef Wanul who is in command was off on that day and our orang putih manager Mr. Alex was having his RDO, leaving the service staff, lead by Aishah and Tuty handling our guest.

The kitchen side, even we were shorts of staff but we remain cool as ice, though things was a bit rushed to finish up our preps but we made it till service. Chef Nash and Chef Jimmy leading the kitchen and take control of everything (Chef Jimmy even made some Pizzas for our visitors during preps time). The Pizza girl Chef Nana and larder master Chef Hjh Jusnani go in and out, up and down just to make sure everything was ok and comes to service, we satisfied with what we’ve done.

By the end of the night we told the world that we can run Brunei’s Ultimate Fine Dining Restaurant without any foreign staff support. Kami dengan bangganya saying “Italian Restaurant was operated by Bruneians” Wah… cool jua tu… ;)

The Spag’s Team

The All local team – service staff from left Fau, Tuty, Izzati, Shidah, Daud, Tetty, and Aishah. Kitchen staff from left – Chef Hjh Jusnani, Chef Jimmy (behind), Chef Nana and Chef Nash… mengambil gambar untuk ‘Brunei’s got talent’… haha (pics quality nda berapa, sorry)

Spaghettini Restaurant was never run by all local and probably never will be, what a co-incident that on that day it happened. 4 Chefs, 7 service staff and 1 steward.

Guys, keep up the good work ok…

Regards, Chef Nash


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