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Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all...

Vernacular Name: Saffron, Zafran
Botanical Name: Crocus Sativus L.
Family Name: Iridadeae

Saffron was believed to be originated in Mediterranean area, now it is widely planted in Europe, Middle east, and spread further to east part of the world. Unfortunately, I can’t grow Saffron at my backyard because it need moderate dry and cold atmosphere. It is known that the best saffron were found in middle east… or is it somewhere else?

Saffron was claimed to be the most expensive herbs in the world and for that not much quantity to be used in food, that is for costing reason.

Content: cineol, carotene, crocatine, crocine, likopen, essence oil, picrocrocin, pinean, safronal and zeaxantine.

Uses on food: as flavoring, as herbs and colouring.

My style: I usually used saffron in creamy sauce because of the colouring, red-ish yellow. Taste wise, I usually put about 4 to 5 nos per portion as adding too much saffron will spoiled other ingredients. Saffron are nice with seafood especially prawns. I also add saffron in my coffee and I called it ‘Kupi SaprunKu’. I don’t used saffron so much because of its high price but I drink it with my coffee… ;)

Uses for health: the female saffron can heal asthma, cough and fit. It is also can cure irregular menstrual cycle for women.

Other uses: Some people use saffron for coloring in textile but I don’t think they can afford it since saffron is so expensive.

I bought saffron 4 years ago, it was 30gm weight for $75/= (if I m not mistaken) in one of herbs shop in Dubai and I still have it in my kitchen but never used them since it is too dry or may be expired… In the pics, is not the saffron I bought 4 years ago…

Check this recipe out… with saffron… Click me...

Just for fun…

What is on the plate?

Seafood platter, 3 different seafood, (hints, from left-clockwise: imported from New Zealand, locally bought and imported from japan… the answer at the bottom…

What is it then?

It is Sydah a.k.a Penari Shuffle Battle alla Mahdy time di pantai and Daud a.k.a Penari Ronggeng alla Mahdy battle with Zatty… hahaha, there will be no answer to it, its so obvious that you should know what it is… if not, Well!! What can I hope… No Need!! Jangan marah kawan-kawan semua…;)

Bonus features…

How long since u saw last sunset?

View of sunset from Spaghettini’s, the last sunset I saw was last Sunday at workplace…
Discover whats interesting at The Empire Hotel and Country Club website…

Regards, Chef Nash and the three dots


AppleC 14 July 2009 at 20:49  

I enjoy using saffron. I need more recipes that incorporate it. It is fairly expensive and I'm not so sure the saffron I get locally from the super market does justice to my dishes (regarding quality).
Another super post Chef.

Chef E 19 July 2009 at 05:25  

Love your post!


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