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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pandan Chocolate Cupcake

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all...

Hello everyone, its been a while... really? hmmm, I dont think so... but actually I suppose to publish my last post that didn't published two days ago, it was all because of the new post editor from Blogger but never mind I'll post it next time. This time, I m posting something else and guess what? I m posting a cake, what cake? Cupcake or Crabcake? haha

Yes, I haven't bake for so long, I would say, its been two thousand six hundred and three years (2603) wow!! that long, (kidding) but seriously, I have bake for like I think 3 years now and this is the first time I did in since then and I am excited about it.

So, actually I made a deal with someone that she make a blog I make cupcake and I think it was 2 days ago, finally she made a blog... here it is click  take bake taste and create by Shmoopiegurl, I with this, congratulate her for doing that and as the deal goes... here is my Cupcake (as promised) haha, now you owe me a cupcake recipe.. and I personally thank you because, u made me wants to make cake, as I am so lazy to do it and also, welcome to bloggers family and hope you'll keep on blogging... ;)

So, I got my self digging on my old recipes books and 'bibles' and found this recipe Pandan Cake and turn it into Cuppies. Got all my tools and ingredients ready, haha, have to go shopping earlier since at my place has no baking ingredients but hey... I think now I am changing from a Hot kitchen Chef to a Pastry Chef... ;)

In case you don't know what is pandan (sorry I dont know ehat they call it in english), its a kind of bush that grows at my back yard wildly... haha, noo... but this plant has a sweet aroma and taste too... Sorry, I dont have picture tho...

I modified the recipe by adding chocolate crunchy (which was given by my Chocolate Guru Chef Mera) and grated them...

So, here it is....

Pandan Chocolate Cupcake


350gm cake flour
200gm plain flour
400gm caster sugar
3tsp baking powder
1tsp salt
200gm unsalted butter (soften)
4nos egg
400ml full cream milk
1tsp vanilla essence
200gm chocolate bar (I used Chocolate Crunchy - My Fav)
1/4tsp pandan paste

1. Mixed all blue ingredients in mixer bowl until sandy texture.
2. During the mixing process, whisk well ingredients red in different bowl.
3. Pour ingredients red into blue slowly while the machine at slow spin. Let is mix thoroughly until creamy.
4. Add pandan paste until the colour mixed.
5. Take out the bowl and grated chocolate bar in and mix using spatula.
6. Place in cup mold and bake in the oven at 180'C for about half an hour.
7. Garnish with grated Chocolate.

Tips: you may add more chocolate if you love chocolate a lot, in my case I was lazy to grate it... haha

After I stripped them off their mold (still hot) sexy!!! ;) and my nephew love the top part when it still hot... yummy!!

Actually I ask my nephew to help me on measuring the ingredients while I was watching Prison Break season one... and a while after my little nephews came over and help me to eat the rest of the cake... ;)
Can you see chocolate inside? but hey you can add more chocolate in tho... ;)
The last round just got out from oven, still hot tho... 
So, there goes my Pandan Chocolate Cupcake... I am starting to love baking now, its very easy work to do (only while my little angels around tho) but seriously... you'll see more cake or baking product in my blog from now on... ;)
And I hope you enjoy my little Cupcake story and recipes... and have a great time trying...
Until next time...

Regards, Chef Nash


Kathy Gori 29 August 2009 at 03:08  

i happen to have pandan essence in my cupboard, so I will try this. I use kewra water a lot in my cooking.

shmoopiesgurl 29 August 2009 at 04:35  

awwwh this is awesome! they look so yummy! this made my day! thanks my sweet friend. :)

Naz 29 August 2009 at 12:30  

yeah dpt buatkn cup cake dah ni...utk bday ah hehehe

Divina Pe 29 August 2009 at 21:23  

Your cake looks perfect. You still have the stock. I haven't tried a chocolate and pandan combination but it's something new to try.

lululu 30 August 2009 at 02:02  

i hvnt heard of pandan b4. but by looking at your cupcakes, i couldnt wait to try!
i should be able to get it from asian grocery store, rite?

Eva 30 August 2009 at 10:37  

Congrats Nash! Baking is part of cooking and I think you are a great and creative Chef. Am copying & pasting your recipe...thanks for sharing. Missing the Chocolate Crunch...

Suzila A 30 August 2009 at 11:58  

everybody seems to be into cupcakes nowadays. am not a great fan of cakes but my sisters are. they're gonna drool away with this recipe!! thanks for sharing! going out to buy the ingredients now *wink wink*

Chef Nash 1 September 2009 at 01:29  

This cupcake was at top 9 in food buzz, but i didnt get to see it tho... and thanks for your comment guys, will keep it coming... ;)

Kathy Gori... gook luck trying... ;)

Shmoopiesgurl... I made this cake because of u, lol but i love doing it tho... next time i'll try something else... ;)

Naz... nanti ku cuba pakai icing lagi... bila besday adi mu?

Divina Pe... thanks, it taste lovely n yummy, my nephews finish most of the cakes... ;)

lululu... you should try it, and if u couldnt find it at your asian market, let me know I can some to u... ;)

Eva... next time me kan buka kadai cupcake lagi... hehe

Suzila A... true, everyone is crazy about cupcakes, they're cute miut macam 'bulan' lol...

Jeannie 6 September 2009 at 21:07  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeannie 6 September 2009 at 21:14  

Hi Chef Nash,

For your information, we call pandan leaves, screwpine leaves in Malaysia. Hope that helps.


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