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Thursday, 13 May 2010

I ate the Angel's Hair...

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all...

Hello everyone, oh! it feel so long that I didn't update this blog, took me a month to post a new one but hey... here I am, alive and kicking... *smile*

Read This!!

One morning, as I was doing apple strudel in my kitchen, someone knocked the door.  Right at the moment when I was playing with flour, butter, lard and milk trying to make a dough for my strudel, then this people want me to open the door.  "Oh, can you come when the strudel cooked??" my heart said. "At least I got something to serve you!", with a little anger.

Without washing my hand, I opened the door.  It was a women, standing like the Statue of Liberty or perhaps she was the statue herself, with her right hand holding unflame torch but hiding her left hand at the cycle of her back but I don't really want to question that.  All I want to know was, why she came and what did she want but I can't help for being curious which has made me speechless like a rock but staring at her up and down. She was wearing a plain white 'baju kurung' like the local school girl except this is all white, not like that old fashion statue of Liberty cloth.

Her blue eyes looking at me, her lips start moving and suddenly she talks "I want to give you something". Not even a smile, she stunningly quiet after those words and moving her left hand out from hiding.

As her left hand shown, a handful of blond hair, she was giving it to me and said, "I am an angel and I just had a hair cut, may be you can get to use it better than me". I, without words pullout my flour gloved hand and took it from her slowly. It was like I was automatically moved my hand to take it and she walked away. I really thought an angel just came to  my door, indeed she is an angel.

I still standing at my door, watching her walked, not a single word still, feels like I was completely in a comma... As she gone, then I realized that I was dreaming while playing the dough, but at the corner of the working table, I saw a packet of Angel Hair Pasta... so, I figured... Today's post is...

Note: 'Baju kurung' is a traditional dress for women.
2nd Note: This is one crap story but I like!!! hahaha

Angel Hair Pasta with Rangat Kupang, Pan Fried Snapper and Acar Mangga.

Ingredients for Pasta

100gm angel hair spaghetti
100gm kupang (washed)
2 nos red chillies (sliced)
2 nos thais chillies (sliced)
Spring onion (sliced)
2 nos garlic (sliced)
Half onion (sliced)
2nos shallot (sliced)
3 tbsp olive oil
Fish stock
Dried oregano
Salt and Pepper

Tips: Kupang is tiny mussels, sized like peanut or almond but its mussel.

1. Cook pasta to al-dente, drain, keep aside.
2. Heat up a frying pan, add in olive oil, satay saute onion, garlic and shallot until colored a bit brown.
3. Add in kupang and chillies (fig and small) continue saute-ing until a little dry then add a little fish stock, simmer.
4. Add in pasta, stir.
5. Add in spring onion, oregano and check seasoning, add salt and pepper to taste.
6. Done, you can knock someone else door and give that pasta to them... ;)

Next is....

Pan Fried Red Snapper in Chillies and Lime Juice

Marinating ingredient:
Chillies (big and small), limau kasturi (local lime), tamarind juice, salt and pepper.
You can keep in the chiller after you spread marinating ingredients all over the fish.

Just fry it already and of course... until cook.

And then....

Acar Mangga (Young Mango Salad)

Young mango (sliced), chillies (chopped), lime juice, cider vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper.
(use your judgement...)
Keep in the chiller, in overnight the mango should be soft.

So, you have no idea what is 'Kupang'? me too!!! Kidding... Well kupang is more like babies mussels, they are seasonal, only available for a period of time in a year.  Its a local ingredient and found somewhere in Brunei Bay during low tide.  Fisherman would go into the shallow water and step on the river floor, finding this kupang. 'Rangat Kupang' is the term used for 'kupang' that has already removed from shell which can be found sold in a packet at local market 'Tamu'.

Some Pics...

'Rangat Kupang' in packet, weight 100gm at BN$3.00.
Save your energy to take the kupang out from the shell, as its too tiny and unskilled person could take forever to do this thing.

This still raw.
I am sorry I don't have the picture of this mussels but, its the same with mussel only they're very tiny..

Thats the end of my post... I hope you enjoy reading as I am dancing in the moon light... CIAO!!!

Regards, Chef Nash...

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Cath J 18 May 2010 at 18:29  

Looks good.. I nak cuba la.. *wink*

Christine 19 August 2010 at 04:19  

haha.. I love the Angel liberty story. This is interesting Angel Hair Pasta with Rangat Kupang, Pan Fried Snapper and Acar Mangga.
Thanks for sharing this one. If you wont mind I'd love to guide Foodista readers to your post. Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post so it will appear in the Foodista pages and it's all set, Thanks!


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